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The DO 6!

$3000 guaranteed first-place prize money!


Crowne Plaza Dallas Park Central, 7800 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX, 75240

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Transportation from Dallas area airports: Visit Super Shuttle or call (817)329-2000 or (800)BLUEVAN

Live coverage begins Friday March 11, 2011.



  • Officially sanctioned and rated by the North American SCRABBLE® Players Association
  • One open division, Modified Swiss format
  • 20 rounds (8 Friday, 7 Saturday, 5 Sunday; starting at 9 A.M. each day)
  • Main Prize Fund (first place $3000 guaranteed, rest is based on 2010 attendance and will be updated as the event approaches):
    1st place: $3000
    2nd place: $900
    3rd place: $700 (and of course, an Uncle Wiggily game)
    4th place: $500
    5th place: $400
    6th place: one year NASPA membership extension
    7th place: one year NASPA membership extension
  • Class prizes. For (approximately equal-sized) groups of players rated below 1750:
    1st place, Group A (approx. 1600-1749): $350
    1st place, Group B (approx. 1425-1599): $300
    1st place, Group C (approx. 1276-1424): $250
    1st place, Group D (approx. 1100-1275): $200
    1st place, Group E (approx. < 1100): $150
  • Other prizes:
    High turn in each of six classes: $25
    High “DO” word prize: $100
    Highest Ratings Upset Win by rated player: SamBoard
    Second Highest Ratings Upset Win by rated player: SamBoard
    High NASPA Word (two prizes given): one-year NASPA extension
  • Directed by Mary Rhoades.
    All Board 1 games will be annotated


You can book rooms at our special event rate of $99/night (guaranteed until February 8, 2011) in one of three ways.

  • Call the hotel directly at 972-233-7600 option 2, reference the Dallas Open group code: “C1C” (that's cee-one-cee).
  • Call Crowne Plaza Reservations Worldwide at 1-800-227-6963, refer to Crowne Plaza Suites Dallas Park Central at 7800 Alpha Road, and again use the group booking code “C1C”.
  • Or go to the hotel website,, click on “Reservations”, enter arrival and departure information, click on “Corporate/Group”, enter “C1C” and click “Check Availability”.



Note: Schedule is preliminary and subject to change as event nears

Friday 09:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M. Rounds 1–4
01:00 P.M. – 02:00 P.M. Lunch (not provided)
02:00 P.M. – 06:00 P.M. Rounds 5–8
06:00 P.M. – midnight After Hours Play
Saturday 09:00 A.M. – 01:00 P.M. Rounds 9–12
01:00 P.M. – 02:00 P.M. Lunch (not provided)
02:00 P.M. – 05:00 P.M. Rounds 13–15
05:00 P.M. – 06:00 P.M. Town Hall Meeting
06:00 P.M. – midnight After Hours Play
Sunday 09:00 A.M. – noon Rounds 16–18
12:15 P.M. – 01:15 P.M. Round 19
01:30 P.M. – 02:30 P.M. Round 20
02:30 P.M. – 03:00 P.M. Prize Ceremony

  • All NASPA directors in attendance are welcome to a free drink after play Friday night in the hotel bar.
  • All NASPA committee members and their chairs in attendance are invited to a Chinese buffet dinner Saturday evening after the Town Hall. The purpose of this meeting will be to get an update on all committee activities.


  • The Dallas Open is a NASPA-sanctioned event, played according to official tournament rules. The NASPA Code of Conduct is in effect.
  • Players must bring all required game equipment, set it up as necessary at the beginning of each session, not move it during a session, and play at assigned tables. Players with special needs may ask to be assigned the same table for the duration of the tournament. Players assigned to Table 1 must comply with the requirements of live game annotation, or forfeit their game with a -200 point spread penalty.
in days.

Event History:

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