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Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship
March 5, 2014

Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1stTrophies, tickets to Canadian Repertory TheatreWill & Wyeth (A5/ESA) 3-1 +263
2Division A Rank: 2ndGame pickJosh & Mark (A6/Woburn) 3-1 +209
3Division B Rank: 1stEntry to National School SCRABBLE Championship, Trophies, tickets to Young People's TheatreYuval & Jared DBHT (B15/Dublin Heights) 4-0 +200
4Division B Rank: 2ndGame pickRodin & Aadithya BVG (B4/Bayview Glen) 4-0 +41
5Average Team Record: 1stTrophyChurchill Hts 3.00-1.00 +188.0
6Average Team Record: 2ndCertificateDublin Heights 3.00-1.00 +172.5
7Average Team Record: 3rdCertificateBayview Glen 2.67-1.33 +10.0
8Best Oscar Wordtoy pickKais+Sam, Lester B Pearson, WINNER, 26
9Best Oscar Wordtoy pickTahmid+Noah, Jack Miner, FAMES, 38
10Best Daylight Saving Wordtoy pickWill+Wyeth, Etobicoke School for the Arts, WINTERLY, 95
11Best Daylight Saving Wordtoy pickErica+Jamie, Bayview Glen, MINUTE, 16
12Best St Patrick Wordtoy pickBrendan+Langston, Karen Kain School for the Arts, LUCKY, 19
13Best St Patrick Wordtoy pickJulia+Muzn, Swansea, LOOT, 12
14Best Unifor Wordtoy pickHilary+Leo, Westwood, RAINIER, 69
15Best Unifor Wordtoy pickGideon+Sofia, Bowmore, FRONT, 16
16School Spirit Awardgame pickDixon Grove
17School Spirit Awardgame pickJackman
18School Spirit Awardgame pickPalmerston
19School Spirit Awardgame pickWoburn
20Sportsmanship Awardgame pickSam+Harrison, Bessborough
21Sportsmanship Awardgame pickSinan+Muhammad, Churchill Heights

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