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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
February 25, 2014

Division A Low Losses

214029478Matthew & Cameron BESS (A5)Sinan & Muhammad CHHT (A10)
114337278Katya & Sebastian WSWD (A24)Ethan & Aliqyan BVG (A3)
214920478Ashvin and Ahilan JMNR (A13)Riley & Braden BESS (A7)
115221278Steven & Gregory BESS (A9)Allyson and Jordi JMNR (A12)
115427478Sima and Robert JMNR (A17)Sinan & Muhammad CHHT (A10)
215618878Scott and Nathan JMNR (A16)Reilly & Zakk BESS (A6)
115726778Sina & Sydney LBP (A20)Russell and Toby JMNR (A15)
116219978Sophia & Raewyn LBP (A21)Matthew & Cameron BESS (A5)
217127378Katya & Sebastian WSWD (A24)Kais & Sam LBP (A19)
217423178TeeJay & Robin CHHT (A11)Steven & Gregory BESS (A9)
217546278Sophia & Raewyn LBP (A21)Ryan & Philip BVG (A4)
218036378Russell and Toby JMNR (A15)Hilary & Leo WSWD (A22)
218426078Sima and Robert JMNR (A17)Erica & Jamie BVG (A2)
218629078Allyson and Jordi JMNR (A12)Ethan & Aliqyan BVG (A3)
218627078Sina & Sydney LBP (A20)James & Jacob WSWD (A23)
118822178TeeJay & Robin CHHT (A11)Sam & Harrison BESS (A8)
118931878Ryan & Philip BVG (A4)Tahmid and Noah JMNR (A18)
119125878Erica & Jamie BVG (A2)Riley & Braden BESS (A7)
219627778Deon and Zachary JMNR (A14)Rodin & Aadithya BVG (A1)
219821578Sam & Harrison BESS (A8)Tahmid and Noah JMNR (A18)
120029278Deon and Zachary JMNR (A14)Reilly & Zakk BESS (A6)
120426578Kais & Sam LBP (A19)Hilary & Leo WSWD (A22)
120624578Rodin & Aadithya BVG (A1)Scott and Nathan JMNR (A16)
121026778James & Jacob WSWD (A23)Ashvin and Ahilan JMNR (A13)

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