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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
February 25, 2014

Division A Pairings: Rounds 1–3

#PlayerFirstsSecondsRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3
1Rodin & Aadithya BVG00161614251313
2Erica & Jamie BVG0072117161224
3Ethan & Aliqyan BVG0024111221712
4Ryan & Philip BVG00181321242322
5Matthew & Cameron BESS00211210221625
6Reilly & Zakk BESS00141416231011
7Riley & Braden BESS002111313322
8Sam & Harrison BESS00111618221524
9Steven & Gregory BESS00121311241913
10Sinan & Muhammad CHHT001714512621
11TeeJay & Robin CHHT008269141725
12Allyson and Jordi JMNR00923311214
13Ashvin and Ahilan JMNR002315723123
14Deon and Zachary JMNR006241152126
15Russell and Toby JMNR0020122221814
16Scott and Nathan JMNR00126613515
17Sima and Robert JMNR0010242261115
18Tahmid and Noah JMNR004238122211
19Kais & Sam LBP0022252416923
20Sina & Sydney LBP00152223152426
21Sophia & Raewyn LBP005224141416
22Hilary & Leo WSWD00191515111821
23James & Jacob WSWD0013252025412
24Katya & Sebastian WSWD0032119262016

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