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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
February 25, 2014

Division A Round 2 Rankings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
12–0+250Sinan & Muhammad CHHT (A10)1W:294-140:A52nd vs. A6 @1
22–0+211Hilary & Leo WSWD (A22)1W:363-180:A152nd vs. A18 @1
32–0+204Ethan & Aliqyan BVG (A3)2W:290-186:A121st vs. A7 @2
42–0+124Reilly & Zakk BESS (A6)2W:188-156:A161st vs. A10 @1
52–0+122Riley & Braden BESS (A7)1W:204-149:A132nd vs. A3 @2
62–0+117Tahmid and Noah JMNR (A18)1W:215-198:A81st vs. A22 @1
71–1+50Ryan & Philip BVG (A4)2W:462-175:A212nd vs. A23 @2
81–1+42Rodin & Aadithya BVG (A1)2W:277-196:A141st vs. A13 @3
91–1+41Kais & Sam LBP (A19)1W:273-171:A242nd vs. A9 @3
101–1+27James & Jacob WSWD (A23)2W:270-186:A201st vs. A4 @2
111–1+16Sam & Harrison BESS (A8)2L:198-215:A182nd vs. A15 @4
121–1+9Erica & Jamie BVG (A2)1W:260-184:A172nd vs. A12 @4
131–1+7Scott and Nathan JMNR (A16)1L:156-188:A61st vs. A5 @5
141–1+2Ashvin and Ahilan JMNR (A13)2L:149-204:A72nd vs. A1 @3
151–1−3Steven & Gregory BESS (A9)2W:231-174:A111st vs. A19 @3
161–1−44Allyson and Jordi JMNR (A12)1L:186-290:A31st vs. A2 @4
171–1−50Russell and Toby JMNR (A15)2L:180-363:A221st vs. A8 @4
181–1−113Matthew & Cameron BESS (A5)2L:140-294:A102nd vs. A16 @5
190–2−90TeeJay & Robin CHHT (A11)1L:174-231:A92nd vs. A17 @5
200–2−173Deon and Zachary JMNR (A14)1L:196-277:A12nd vs. A21 @6
210–2−176Sima and Robert JMNR (A17)2L:184-260:A21st vs. A11 @5
220–2−184Sina & Sydney LBP (A20)1L:186-270:A232nd vs. A24 @6
230–2−187Sophia & Raewyn LBP (A21)1L:175-462:A41st vs. A14 @6
240–2−202Katya & Sebastian WSWD (A24)2L:171-273:A191st vs. A20 @6

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