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Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship
March 24, 2015

Prize Table

1Division B Rank: 1stEntry to National School SCRABBLE Championship, Trophies, prize pickNoah & Stefan SWAN (B18/Swansea) 4-0 +602
2Division B Rank: 2ndcertificate, prize pickJamie & Jack JMAN (B11/Jackman) 4-0 +328
3Division B Rank: 3rdcertificate, prize pickBen & Evan BWMR (B2/Bowmore) 4-0 +246
4Division A Rank: 1stTrophies, prize pickJared & Samantha (A2/Mackenzie) 4-0 +377
5Division A Rank: 2ndCertificate, prize pickAadithya & Rodin (A4/Bayview Glen) 3-1 +158
6Average Team Record: 1stTrophy, prize pick?Jackman (62.5 W%)
7Average Team Record: 2ndCertificate, prize pick?Pearson (58.3 W%, 5th place team)
8Average Team Record: 3rdCertificate, prize pick?Fletcher's Creek (58.3 W%, 6th place team)
9Best Colour Wordprize pickAadithya & Rodin, OUTLINED 61
10Best Colour Wordprize pickCallista & Tina, TINT, 8
11Best Food Wordprize pickMuhammed & Sinan, CUMIN, 14
12Best Food Wordprize pickAstrid & Kaya, TACO, 12
13Best Easter/Passover Wordprize pickSalvatore & Gil, WINES, 15
14Best Easter/Passover Wordprize pickZoe & Lillian, GODS, 30
15Sportsmanship Awardprize pickThomas & Nate
16Sportsmanship Awardprize pickDanica & Fateh
17Sportsmanship Awardprize pickMekayla & Daniel

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