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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 2, 2015

Division A High Losses

2306313Muhammed & Sinan CHHT (A8/CHURCHILL HEIGHTS)Ashvin & Kesh JMNR (A12/JACK MINER)
1297313Spencer & Andrew BWMR (A23/BOWMORE)Muhammed & Sinan CHHT (A8/CHURCHILL HEIGHTS)
2293298Orion & Alan LBP (A26/PEARSON)Abtihaj & Khadija EH (A9/EARL HAIG)
1283289Abtihaj & Khadija EH (A9/EARL HAIG)Evan & Eric JMNR (A16/JACK MINER)
2256297Zoe & Lillian BWMR (A6/BOWMORE)Kais & Sam LBP (A21/PEARSON)
2251416Sophia & Raewyn LBP (A20/PEARSON)Ben & Evan BWMR (A25/BOWMORE)
2239275Mimi & Tim JMNR (A15/JACK MINER)Spencer & Andrew BWMR (A23/BOWMORE)
1227274Catie & Sneha JMNR (A13/JACK MINER)Zoe & Lillian BWMR (A6/BOWMORE)
1207392Daniel & Braydon LBP (A18/PEARSON)Kais & Sam LBP (A21/PEARSON)
1206218Mimi & Tim JMNR (A15/JACK MINER)Orion & Alan LBP (A26/PEARSON)
1197340Ryan & Jeffrey JMNR (A14/JACK MINER)Ben & Evan BWMR (A25/BOWMORE)
1196263Andrei & Robel JMNR (A11/JACK MINER)Sophia & Raewyn LBP (A20/PEARSON)
1196355Laurel & Sydney LBP (A17/PEARSON)Ashvin & Kesh JMNR (A12/JACK MINER)
2184346Suruthy & Ajeetha CHHT (A7/CHURCHILL HEIGHTS)Ryan & Jeffrey JMNR (A14/JACK MINER)
1182197Justine & Vickey BBEST (A1/BANTING AND BEST)Henry & Allison BWMR (A24/BOWMORE)
2179273Laurel & Sydney LBP (A17/PEARSON)Ruth & Vaishnave JMNR (A10/JACK MINER)
1168309Ruth & Vaishnave JMNR (A10/JACK MINER)Reece & Evan LBP (A22/PEARSON)
2153388Dumitru & Michelle LBP (A19/PEARSON)Evan & Eric JMNR (A16/JACK MINER)
2152364Henry & Allison BWMR (A24/BOWMORE)Reece & Evan LBP (A22/PEARSON)
2141324Justine & Vickey BBEST (A1/BANTING AND BEST)Andrei & Robel JMNR (A11/JACK MINER)
1132292Suruthy & Ajeetha CHHT (A7/CHURCHILL HEIGHTS)Dumitru & Michelle LBP (A19/PEARSON)
2117259Daniel & Braydon LBP (A18/PEARSON)Catie & Sneha JMNR (A13/JACK MINER)

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