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Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship
March 30, 2016

Prize Table

1Division B Rank: 1stEntry to National School SCRABBLE Championship, Trophies, prize pick, advance to Canadian School SCRABBLE invitationalJack & Jamie WSWD (B39/Westwood) 4-0 +414
2Division B Rank: 2ndcertificate, prize pick, advance to CSSIZoe & Mireille BWMR (B41/Bowmore) 4-0 +318
3Division B Rank: 3rdcertificate, prize pick, advance to CSSIEric & Evan JMNR (B40/Jack Miner) 4-0 +289
4Division B Rank: 4thprize pick, advance to CSSIEvan & Ben BWMR (B20/Bowmore) 3-1 +246
5Division B Rank: 5thprize pick, advance to CSSIKaranvir & Aayam FLCR (B18/Fletcher's Creek) 3-1 +234
6Division A Rank: 1stTrophies, prize pickJustin BVG (A5/Bayview Glen) 4-0 +515
7Division A Rank: 2ndCertificate, prize pickWesley BVG (A3/Bayview Glen) 4-0 +302
8Division A Rank: 3rdCertificate, prize pickAlex BVG (A4/Bayview Glen) 3-1 +319
9Average Team Record: 1stTrophyBowmore
10Average Team Record: 2ndCertificateBVG
11Average Team Record: 3rdCertificatePearson
12Best Travel Wordprize pickAmeya & Noah, Deer Park, JET
13Best Travel Wordprize pickSophie & Jodi, Palmerston, VISITED
14Best Spring Wordprize pickRebecca & Madelyn, Duke, TULIP
15Best Spring Wordprize pickEmilia & Rachael, Swansea, JOY
16Best Toronto Wordprize pickWilliam & Samuel, UTS, WOW
17Best Toronto Wordprize pickEvelyn & Koko, Swansea, DIVINE
18Sportsmanship Awardcertificate, prize pickAlborz & Yulia (5 nominations), Pearson
19Sportsmanship Awardcertificate, prize pickYasein & Logan (BVG)
20Sportsmanship Awardcertificate, prize pickRodin (BVG)

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