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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 8, 2016

Division A Round 1 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
1Ethan & Ethan BVG (A2/Bayview Glen) *first* vs. Afnan & Nubah (A16/John A Leslie)
1Tyler & Eric JMNR (A10/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Orion & Evan LBP (A19/Pearson)
2Eden & Alex WSWD (A26/Westwood) *first* vs. William & Anirudh UTS (A22/UTS)
2Elaine & Laia UTS (A23/UTS) *first* vs. Eric & Evan JMNR (A7/Jack Miner)
3Jack and Jamie WSWD (A25/Westwood) *first* vs. Ethan & Filip BVG (A4/Bayview Glen)
3Henry & Malcolm BWMR (A6/Bowmore) *first* vs. Mya & Michaela JMNR (A12/Jack Miner)
4Esther & Emma LBP (A17/Pearson) *first* vs. Oishe & Nuzhat JAL (A14/John A Leslie)
4Alan & Daniel LBP (A20/Pearson) *first* vs. Cameron & Emily UTS (A21/UTS)
5Justin & Ryan BVG (A3/Bayview Glen) *first* vs. Zoe & Mireille BWMR (A5/Bowmore)
5Mimi & Jaimee JMNR (A9/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Mifta & Atkia (A15/John A Leslie)
6Dylan & Nolan JMNR (A13/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Sam & Martin UTS (A24/UTS)
6Yulia & Alborz LBP (A18/Pearson) *first* vs. Tim & Ryan JMNR (A8/Jack Miner)
7Mihan & Eric JMNR (A11/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Yasein & Maarib BVG (A1/Bayview Glen)

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