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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 8, 2016

Division B Round 1 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
7Rhyenne & Maeve DOFC (B13/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. James & Audrey LILL (B23/Lillian)
8Divya & Evie DOFC (B9/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Kevin & Fernando LILL (B24/Lillian)
8Daniel and Daniel LBP (B20/Pearson) *first* vs. Scarlett & Erin LILL (B22/Lillian)
9Erik & Andrew WSWD (B28/Westwood) *first* vs. Malcolm & Ivan BRWN (B8/Brown)
9Jodie & Sophie PALM (B25/Palmerston) *first* vs. Maggie & Leyna DOFC (B10/Duke of Connaught)
10Michael & Jack BRWN (B7/Brown) *first* vs. Dihren & Cameron BWMR (B3/Bowmore)
10Sophia & Yasmyn DOFC 1200 board (B12/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Grayson & Connor BWMR (B2/Bowmore)
11Sidney & Brouno WSWD (B27/Westwood) *first* vs. Hudson & Oli JMAN (B17/Jackman)
11George & Lance WSWD (B30/Westwood) *first* vs. Harry 7 Stefan JMAN (B16/Jackman)
12Jackson & Harrison BRWN (B5/Brown) *first* vs. Madelyn & Rebecca DOFC (B11/Duke of Connaught)
12Jason & Jonathan LBP (B19/Pearson) *first* vs. Eddie & Joey BWMR (B1/Bowmore)
13Dani & Sofia JMAN (B14/Jackman) *first* vs. Alex & Alex BRWN (B6/Brown)
13Eleni & Charlotte JMAN (B15/Jackman) *first* vs. Magnus & Leigh BWMR (B4/Bowmore)
14Charlie & Theo JMAN (B18/Jackman) *first* vs. Radmir & Ethan WSWD (B29/Westwood)
14Elizabeth & Parmiss WSWD (B26/Westwood) *first* vs. Michael & Arad LBP (B21/Pearson)

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