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Toronto Western Region Qualifier
March 3, 2016

Division A Round 3 Alphabetic Pairings

TablePlayer Opponent
8Abieraami & Afnaan BKVW (A6/Brookview) 2ndMax & Nicholas DRPK (A7/Deer Park) 1st
7Adrian & Kevin BKVW (A4/Brookview) 1stJoella & Kate KKSA (A24/KKSA) 2nd
6Alison & Aibhlin JBEL (A21/James Bell) 2ndHarman & Navroop FLCR (A20/Fletcher's Creek) 1st
1Ameya & Noah DRPK (A10/Deer Park) 2ndLucas & David BWMR (A2/Bowmore) 1st
5Ammar & Mohamed VALL (A32/The Valleys) 1stMaliha & Genevieve KKSA (A28/KKSA) 2nd
2Apinayaa & Gurleen FLCR (A17/Fletcher's Creek) 1stDanica & Fateh DRPK (A8/Deer Park) 2nd
4Areeb & Kiran FLCR (A18/Fletcher's Creek) 1stTyhoon & Ethan DBHT (A12/Dublin Heights) 2nd
2Danica & Fateh DRPK (A8/Deer Park) 2ndApinayaa & Gurleen FLCR (A17/Fletcher's Creek) 1st
8Eileen & Jay VALL (A31/The Valleys) 1stJessica and Catalina KKSA (A29/KKSA) 2nd
7Eli & Sean KKSA (A26/KKSA) 2ndSara & Devin DBHT (A13/Dublin Heights) 1st
1Evan & Ben BWMR (A1/Bowmore) 2ndMax & Ethan DRPK (A9/Deer Park) 1st
6Harman & Navroop FLCR (A20/Fletcher's Creek) 1stAlison & Aibhlin JBEL (A21/James Bell) 2nd
4Isaac & Amil DBHT (A15/Dublin Heights) 1stJoey & Nathalie KKSA (A23/KKSA) 2nd
8Jessica and Catalina KKSA (A29/KKSA) 2ndEileen & Jay VALL (A31/The Valleys) 1st
7Joella & Kate KKSA (A24/KKSA) 2ndAdrian & Kevin BKVW (A4/Brookview) 1st
4Joey & Nathalie KKSA (A23/KKSA) 2ndIsaac & Amil DBHT (A15/Dublin Heights) 1st
9Kabishan & Christopher BKVW (A5/Brookview) 1stZenon & Eshan JBEL (A22/James Bell) 2nd
2Karanvir & Aayam FLCR (A16/Fletcher's Creek) 2ndNick & Andrew BWMR (A3/Bowmore) 1st
1Lucas & David BWMR (A2/Bowmore) 1stAmeya & Noah DRPK (A10/Deer Park) 2nd
3Madison & Surina SWAN (A30/Swansea) 2ndSarah & Lily KKSA (A27/KKSA) 1st
TablePlayer Opponent
5Maliha & Genevieve KKSA (A28/KKSA) 2ndAmmar & Mohamed VALL (A32/The Valleys) 1st
1Max & Ethan DRPK (A9/Deer Park) 1stEvan & Ben BWMR (A1/Bowmore) 2nd
8Max & Nicholas DRPK (A7/Deer Park) 1stAbieraami & Afnaan BKVW (A6/Brookview) 2nd
6Mitchell & Arham DBHT (A14/Dublin Heights) 1stRonan & Thomas DRPK (A11/Deer Park) 2nd
2Nick & Andrew BWMR (A3/Bowmore) 1stKaranvir & Aayam FLCR (A16/Fletcher's Creek) 2nd
6Ronan & Thomas DRPK (A11/Deer Park) 2ndMitchell & Arham DBHT (A14/Dublin Heights) 1st
7Sara & Devin DBHT (A13/Dublin Heights) 1stEli & Sean KKSA (A26/KKSA) 2nd
3Sarah & Lily KKSA (A27/KKSA) 1stMadison & Surina SWAN (A30/Swansea) 2nd
5Tate & Carys SWAN (A34/Swansea) 2ndWilliam & Tate KKSA (A25/KKSA) 1st
4Tyhoon & Ethan DBHT (A12/Dublin Heights) 2ndAreeb & Kiran FLCR (A18/Fletcher's Creek) 1st
3Victoria & Paneet FLCR (A19/Fletcher's Creek) 2ndYonael & Tom VALL (A33/The Valleys) 1st
5William & Tate KKSA (A25/KKSA) 1stTate & Carys SWAN (A34/Swansea) 2nd
3Yonael & Tom VALL (A33/The Valleys) 1stVictoria & Paneet FLCR (A19/Fletcher's Creek) 2nd
9Zenon & Eshan JBEL (A22/James Bell) 2ndKabishan & Christopher BKVW (A5/Brookview) 1st

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