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Toronto Western Region Qualifier
March 3, 2016

Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, trophies, medalsEvan & Ben BWMR (A1/Bowmore) 3-0 +446
2Division A Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalsLucas & David BWMR (A2/Bowmore) 3-0 +328
3Division A Rank: 3rdAdvance to city finals, medalsKaranvir & Aayam FLCR (A16/Fletcher's Creek) 3-0 +243
4Division A Rank: 4thAdvance to city finals, medalsDanica & Fateh DRPK (A8/Deer Park) 3-0 +238
5Division A Rank: 5thAdvance to city finals, medalsYonael & Tom VALL (A33/The Valleys) 3-0 +155
6Division A Rank: 6thAdvance to city finals, medalsMadison & Surina SWAN (A30/Swansea) 2-1 +172
7Division A Rank: 7thAdvance to city finals, medalsApinayaa & Gurleen FLCR (A17/Fletcher's Creek) 2-1 +107
8Division A Rank: 8thAdvance to city finals, medalsHarman & Navroop FLCR (A20/Fletcher's Creek) 2-1 +97
9Division A Rank: 9thAdvance to city finals, medalsAreeb & Kiran FLCR (A18/Fletcher's Creek) 2-1 +86
10Division A Rank: 10thAdvance to city finals, medalsNick & Andrew BWMR (A3/Bowmore) 2-1 +70
11Division A Rank: 11thAdvance to city finals, medalsVictoria & Paneet FLCR (A19/Fletcher's Creek) 2-1 +51
12Division B Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, trophies, medalsAiden & Luka SWAN (B9/Swansea) 3-0 +346
13Division B Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalsEvelyn & Koko SWAN (B10/Swansea) 3-0 +151
14Division B Rank: 3rdAdvance to city finals, medalsAmy & Anjali SWAN (B11/Swansea) 2-1 +10
15Division B Rank: 4thAdvance to city finals, medalsRyan & Nathan JBEL (B4/James Bell) 2-1 -3
16Division C Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, trophiesEmilija & Rachel SWAN (C8/Swansea) 3-0 +26
17Best Fantasy WordGame prizeJoella & Kate KKSA, YETI
18Best Fantasy WordGame prizeSara & Devin DBHT, VEX
19Best Fantasy WordGame prizeThomas & Sarah, DRPK, KILL
20Best Food WordGame prizeSophie & Lyla PALM, PRUNE
21Best Food WordGame prizeJay & Eileen, VALL, ROAST
22Best Food WordGame prizeJordan & Saeed, PALM, SOY
23Best Travel WordGame prizeEvelyn & Koko, SWAN, SURF
24Best Travel WordGame prizeJoey & Nathalie, KKSA, JET
25Best Travel WordGame prizeHenry & Salvatore, PALM, MOVE
26Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeBoris & Alex SWAN
27Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeCrystal & David BKVW
28Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeNick & Brandon JBEL
29Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeWilliam & Tate KKSA
30Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeEileen & Jay VALL
31Sportsmanship AwardHasbro game prizeEthan & Tyhoon DBHT

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