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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2018

Division A Round 2 Ranked Pairings

TableWho Plays Whom
1Netharrshan & Nick JMNR (A12/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Vaishavi JMNR (A19/Jack Miner)
2Kyle & Zain JMNR (A15/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Madelyn & Rebecca DOC (A4/Duke of Connaught)
3Wyatt & Varun DOC (A1/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Parth & Daniel JMNR (A10/Jack Miner)
4Maggie & Leyna DOC (A3/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Asmitha & Aafreen JMNR (A17/Jack Miner)
5Duy & Tiffany JMNR (A9/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Shelby & Ezri DOC (A20/Duke of Connaught)
6Blair & Ben DOC (A6/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Sundus & Sophie DOC (A5/Duke of Connaught)
7Abrar & Kolson JMNR (A11/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Makoto & William JMNR (A13/Jack Miner)
8Mikaela & Lana DOC (A7/Duke of Connaught) *first* vs. Chris & Evan JMNR (A14/Jack Miner)
9Sharn & Asiya JMNR (A8/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Evie & Naiad DOC (A2/Duke of Connaught)
10Nathan & Jayden JMNR (A18/Jack Miner) *first* vs. Abid & Pravinth JMNR (A16/Jack Miner)

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