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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2018

Division B High Losses

222528156Meaghan & Shewhat DOC (B1/Duke of Connaught)Hazzel & Estela DOC (B2/Duke of Connaught)
120724256Ella & Naina BALM (B6/Balmy Beach)Hazzel & Estela DOC (B2/Duke of Connaught)
220524656Katrina & Sloane BALM (B5/Balmy Beach)Sophie & Julia BALM (B4/Balmy Beach)
219525956Alex & Asher DOC (B3/Duke of Connaught)Ella & Naina BALM (B6/Balmy Beach)
116224556Ethan & Filip AVLN (B11/Avalon)Sophie & Julia BALM (B4/Balmy Beach)
114918156Drew & Poppy BALM (B7/Balmy Beach)Meaghan & Shewhat DOC (B1/Duke of Connaught)
214425356Hayden & Stella BALM (B8/Balmy Beach)Cassidy & Blake AVLN (B12/Avalon)
11351744Tess & Iman AVLN (B9/Avalon)Katrina & Sloane BALM (B5/Balmy Beach)
11231674Lucy & Daniel AVLN (B10/Avalon)Hayden & Stella BALM (B8/Balmy Beach)
111622156Alex & Asher DOC (B3/Duke of Connaught)Cassidy & Blake AVLN (B12/Avalon)
2911804Tess & Iman AVLN (B9/Avalon)Drew & Poppy BALM (B7/Balmy Beach)
2641144Lucy & Daniel AVLN (B10/Avalon)Ethan & Filip AVLN (B11/Avalon)

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