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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2018

Prize Table

1Division A Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, medal, trophyMaggie & Leyna DOC (A3/Duke of Connaught) 3-0 +462
2Division A Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalNetharrshan & Nick JMNR (A12/Jack Miner) 3-0 +263
3Division A Rank: 3rdAdvance to city finals, medalMadelyn & Rebecca DOC (A4/Duke of Connaught) 3-0 +154
4Division A Rank: 4thAdvance to city finals, medalSharn & Asiya JMNR (A8/Jack Miner) 2-1 +284
5Division A Rank: 5thAdvance to city finals, medalDuy & Tiffany JMNR (A9/Jack Miner) 2-1 +199
6Division B Rank: 1stAdvance to city finals, medal, trophySophie & Julia BALM (B4/Balmy Beach) 3-0 +201
7Division B Rank: 2ndAdvance to city finals, medalCassidy & Blake AVLN (B12/Avalon) 2.5-0.5 +209
8Division B Rank: 1stTop Grade 4 TeamAlex & Asher DOC (B3/Duke of Connaught) 1-2 -135
9Division B Rank: 2ndRunner-up Grade 4 TeamLucy & Daniel AVLN (B10/Avalon) 0-3 -123
10Best TeamDeluxe Scrabble boardBalmy Beach (73%)
11Best New TeamDeluxe Scrabble boardAvalon
12Best Spring WordpickAlex & Asher DOC, WATERS, 8
13Best Spring WordpickTess & Iman AVLN, BUD, 12
14Best Olympic WordpickDuy & Tiffany JMNR, LUGE, 10
15Best Olympic WordpickMadelyn & Rebecca DOC, UNITE, 6
16Best School WordpickNathan & Jayden JMNR, READ, 8
17Best School WordpickMeaghan & Shewhat DOC, LEARN, 6
18Sportsmanship AwardpickKatrina & Sloane BALM
19Sportsmanship AwardpickElla & Naina BALM
20Sportsmanship AwardpickSharn & Asiya JMNR
21Sportsmanship AwardpickHayden & Stella BALM

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