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Toronto Eastern Region Qualifier
March 1, 2018

Player Rosters

Division ADivision B
11200Duke of ConnaughtWyatt & Varun DOC11200Duke of ConnaughtMeaghan & Shewhat DOC
21200Duke of ConnaughtEvie & Naiad DOC21200Duke of ConnaughtHazzel & Estela DOC
31200Duke of ConnaughtMaggie & Leyna DOC31200Duke of ConnaughtAlex & Asher DOC
41200Duke of ConnaughtMadelyn & Rebecca DOC41200Balmy BeachSophie & Julia BALM
51200Duke of ConnaughtSundus & Sophie DOC51200Balmy BeachKatrina & Sloane BALM
61200Duke of ConnaughtBlair & Ben DOC61200Balmy BeachElla & Naina BALM
71200Duke of ConnaughtMikaela & Lana DOC71200Balmy BeachDrew & Poppy BALM
81200Jack MinerSharn & Asiya JMNR81200Balmy BeachHayden & Stella BALM
91200Jack MinerDuy & Tiffany JMNR91200AvalonTess & Iman AVLN
101200Jack MinerParth & Daniel JMNR101200AvalonLucy & Daniel AVLN
111200Jack MinerAbrar & Kolson JMNR111200AvalonEthan & Filip AVLN
121200Jack MinerNetharrshan & Nick JMNR121200AvalonCassidy & Blake AVLN
131200Jack MinerMakoto & William JMNR     
141200Jack MinerChris & Evan JMNR     
151200Jack MinerKyle & Zain JMNR     
161200Jack MinerAbid & Pravinth JMNR     
171200Jack MinerAsmitha & Aafreen JMNR     
181200Jack MinerNathan & Jayden JMNR     
191200Jack MinerVaishavi JMNR     
201200Duke of ConnaughtShelby & Ezri DOC     

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